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Last modification 21/11/2017
 NIGHT MAINTENANCE AND TRAFFIC CLOSURE. Click HERE to download the document.
  CHARTE DES SERVICES. Click HERE to download the document.
  TRAFFIC FORECASTS (*) AUTUMN 2017 AND THE END OF THE YEAR. Click HERE to download the document.

TMB Mobility

Discover the Mont-Blanc Tunnel application
Useful, intuitive, free

Real-time mobility information and webcams, traffic forecasts and planned interruption, traffic rules, fees and rates: all this directly on your smartphone, free-of-charge and with just one click. GEIE-TMB makes all this available to its users travelling towards the Mont Blanc Tunnel

To download the App
“TMB Mobility” can be downloaded free of charge from the GEIE-TMB website and from those of the two Mont Blanc Tunnel franchise companies (ATMB and SITMB), or from
or by means of the QR Code below.


TMB CAM is the web camera service available to users of the Mont Blanc Tunnel so you can be updated in real time about traffic conditions at the tunnel entrance. Click on the following links to view the film you want to see.


   IT : CAM1 IT
   IT : CAM2 IT

Instructions for use in case of problems viewing the films *

Weather information

  French weather forecast :

  Italian weather forecast :


 Traffic last week (PDF Acrobat 12 KB)
 Annual traffic (PDF Acrobat 25 KB)
 Traffic last year (PDF Acrobat 29 KB)
 Traffic distribution by nationality (PDF Acrobat 21 KB)

* To view the films you need to have "Windows Media Player", the free software from Microsoft for viewing multimedia files, installed on your PC. The software is usually packaged with Internet Explorer and will open automatically when you click on the links shown above. The first time you open them a Windows dialog box for installing specific software may appear. In that case confirm that you want to install it and wait a few seconds to view the films. If you don’t have the Windows Media Player software you can download it from the following link:


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